he world of risk management is changing with ever increasing speed. Unfortunately, risk managers find themselves with greater responsibilities and less time to keep abreast of new developments and train their personnel.

Anderson Kill Insurance Services provides training on a wide variety of insurance topics. Training and informational sessions help ensure that risk management decisions are based upon up-to-date information about developments in the insurance marketplace and the courts, and to establish practices and procedures that maximize the likelihood of insurance recoveries when coverage is needed most.

AKISís training programs address areas such as:

  • claims handling procedures and practices for the risk manager, law department and field personnel

  • How to respond when the insurance company denies coverage or reserves its rights

  • how to identify coverage gaps and close them at policy renewal time issues

  • How to respond to a fidelity or crime loss - coverage and non-coverage issues

  • how to identify and address liability insurance issues in mergers and acquisitions