Many insurance companies fail, leaving policyholders with reduced claims in court-ordered liquidations and statutorily-mandated recoveries from state guaranty funds.

Anderson Kill provides a full range of services to ensure that policyholders obtain the biggest possible recoveries from insolvent U.S. and foreign insurance companies, including:

U.S. Insolvencies

  • preparing and filing of proofs of claim
  • preparing and filing of guaranty fund claims
  • monitoring U.S. insolvencies for policyholder payments (Anderson Kill is on the Creditor’s Committee, for example, of one of the largest U.S. insurance insolvencies)
  • prosecuting and settling claims in liquidation and with guaranty funds
Foreign Insolvencies
  • preparing and filing of claims (and potential foreign guaranty funds)
  • reviewing and negotiating Schemes of Arrangement (the British equivalent of Chapter 11 reorganization plans)
  • working with the creditors’ committees of foreign insolvents (Anderson Kill is currently on the Creditors Committees for three foreign insurance insolvents)
  • prosecuting and settling claims with foreign insolvents